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Welcome to the Un-Official Wolf W-11 Boredom Fighter Web Page

Welcome to the Wolf W-11 Boredom Fighter web site.  Obviously, not a commercial operation, this site is here to provide support and information to anyone flying, building, or contemplating the building of the Wolf Boredom Fighter.

The Boredom Fighter is a unique custom (or homebuilt) aircraft constructed entirely from wood.  Actually, there's quite a number of steel fittings, but generally, it's all wood.  The usual engine is the trusty Continental A-65 (C-65) but Subarus and larger Continentals have been successfully installed.

The flying characteristics of this aircraft are just pure fun.  No, it's not a great cross-country machine, but there is no better for chasing the cows and watching the world go by.  Pure flying fun!

As with any custom aircraft, half the fun is just building the machine.  Average build times are 4-5 years.   There is one individual building who's beyond 10 years but that's another story. Now, if you're not too fond of sawdust, then maybe this is not the project for you. On the other hand, if the thought of working with cold metal on a winter night brings shivers, then woodworking may just be your thing!

Hopefully  you will enjoy this site dedicated to a unique aircraft. ..so sit back and take a peek at all the pictures and information on this true 

 31 May 10 
YouTube Videos
Blue Ball Thing From the "We're Getting Older" files, I was was looking at an old page containing some of the early updates on this site and that date goes back to March '98. Wow, over 12 years of maintaining this site!
Blue Ball Thing In poking around YouTube.com a bit, I found several videos on Boredom Fighters, a couple from the Italians!
Blue Ball Thing Terry Majewski's Boredom Fighter back when Terry owned the airplane.
Blue Ball Thing A video of Jim Piavis' with Ron Wanttaja's Fly Baby. that Ron put together. Ron is a well-known author on experimental aircraft and does AB-Experimental accident statistic analysis.
Blue Ball Thing One of a couple from Giovanni Taglietti of a Boredom FIghter Team. Text in Italian.
Blue Ball Thing Two Boredom Fighters in Italy. Frank Baldwin's old BF is in this one.
Bill Sayre's video taken by him around Tacoma Narrows.
Another one of Bill's videos with a helmet cam landing at Tacoma Narrows.
6 Nov 09 
An Update!
Blue Ball Thing  The editor was really trying to go for a record between site updates, but conditions conspired and he actually made an update! Better get a lottery ticket!
Blue Ball Thing  Please be patient, I've working through some formatting changes to update the site so you'll see things a little out of order from time to time, as well as some inconsistencies in formatting and colors.
Blue Ball Thing  The Yahoo Group has been chugging along fairly well, now in it's 9th year, with the first message posted in May '01. In internet years, that's almost an eternity for sure!
Blue Ball Thing  You'll note that there's been an update to the large photo in the left column, As you refresh the page, the photo changes through one of 38 or so photographs of various Boredom Fighters. These photo's are copyright of the original photographers and you'll see several from Bob Gessertt, who took several of Frank Baldwin's BF.
Blue Ball Thing  During the last couple years, a couple Italian guys bought up 4 Boredom Fighters and shipped them off to Northern Italy. Frank Baldwin's, Tommy Thornhill's, Dick Minette's (built by Larry Church), and Matt Ellis' all found their way to Italy in really large shipping crates. Photos sent from Italy shows all four on the ramp at once.
Blue Ball Thing  Bill Sayre's BF, N281C found it's way to a new owner in Chile this summer and is evidently flying again.
Blue Ball Thing  Terry Majewski's old airplane also found its way across the border to Canada where it's now flying.
Blue Ball Thing  Builder Roger Bocox has converted all the steel parts to CAD drawings and is in the process of finding a shop that can cut a set of fittings for something less than an arm and leg. Once Roger is successful, he'll offer a fittings kit which should really reduce the time needed for some of these parts. 
6 Mar 07
Ellis BF Pics
Blue Ball Thing   Wow! Almost a whole year between updates. Unfortunately, there just isn't much going on with the Boredom Fighters these days. Other than a couple guys making steady progress on the Yahoo! Forum, I don't hear a lot of news. Luckily I was looking through some old e-mail and came across some really nice photos Matt Ellis sent last year of his Boredom Fighter in-flight over Colorado which I've uploaded to the Ellis BF page.
Blue Ball Thing  Also, if you haven't seen the video, there's finally a short video of a Boredom Fighter - Fly Baby flight on YouTube, courtesy of Ron Wantajja.
Blue Ball Thing  Finally, I've re-added the link to the Yahoo! Boredom Fighter Forum. If you're not a member, you'll need to join the group for posting messages. Keep in mind that membership requires approval and to combat spam, you need to add a short explanation of your interests.
10 Mar 06
Ellis BF For Sale
Blue Ball Thing   Matt Ellis (Colorado) has decide to put his BF up for sale as his needs have changed a bit and he's looking for a 2-seater. There's about 50 hours on the aircraft and it is an award winner. Please contact Matt at ellisw11@hotmail.com for details. This is probably one of the nicest Boredom Fighters around with low-time airframe and engine.
Check out our Frappr! 6 Nov 05
Frapper Maps
Blue Ball Thing   This is a pretty cool mapping engine powered by Google's API's into their mapping engine. You can easily add your name and zipcode, plus a photo of your Boredom Fighter. Appears to work well.
14 Sept, 05.....
New French BF
Blue Ball Thing   Added a nice photo of Michel Roba's new Boredom Fighter to the Builders page. 
Ellis-June05026(1).jpg (47375 bytes) 6 Sept, 05.....
Some Updated Stuff
Blue Ball Thing   Man, one day this whole site is going to be revised, however, due to job, child, and other time consuming events, things don't quite get updated as frequently as they should. 
Blue Ball Thing   Old updates have been moved to a separate page to de-clutter this page. See link at left. 
Blue Ball Thing   Although Matt Ellis has yet to personally fly is BF, his airplane is flying well in Colorado.  He reports the plane is flying great, and the restriction is flown off.  Everyone who flies it loves it.  The plane has rolled right and left, looped, and spun 3 turns each direction and Matt plans on taking it to Oshkosh in '06.
Blue Ball Thing   Bill Sayre flew his BF with a Continental C-85 installed earlier this summer. See link for some views of Bill's Boredom Fighter. After a couple short flights he reports "Cruise speed appears like it will be 100 MPH or better, but I have little time on it with the cowl installed (85 without cowl). Imagine that it'll be a little lower than stock with all that frontal area. I've added two exit holes per side, low down on what I call the "cheeks" of the cowl and I'm adding a small flap or ridge at the lower cowl exit (like the prints call out on the stock version). Also blocking the hole where the prop-shaft penetrates the cowl to keep that air from neutralizing the low pressure area under the engine. Hopefully, all that will prove what was needed to get the air flowing.
Blue Ball Thing   Boredom Fighter 264JP has been relocated to the Seattle Area due to a job change. Picture of Mt. Rainier was taken inbound to Auburn, WA. 
Bill_Sayer_1.jpg (308065 bytes) 13 Dec, 04.....
Updated Pictures
Blue Ball Thing   That's right, the date changed! It snowed in Phoenix, and this site actually has an update. 
Blue Ball Thing   The picture at left was taken from a Boredom Fighter with a Palm Treo 600 camera phone. It seems to take OK pictures but you wouldn't want to blow them up very large.
Blue Ball Thing  Bill Sayre, Gig Harbor, WA, is getting really close to flying his BF. In the photo above, he's building a round cowl and had created an interesting paint scheme. He's taxied the BF but is waiting on some decent weather to fly.